Magyar Építő Zrt. has been one of the oldest and most significant players in the Hungarian construction industry for more than 130 years.

The company was founded in 1889 during the industrial development boom at the end of the 19th century. The company was established as a subsidiary of the Ganz Group, and in a relatively short time gained a professional reputation in the field of plant construction. With this profile, the company played a decisive role in the reconstruction of Hungary after the Second World War. As part of the Ganz Group, it became a state-owned company in 1946. In 1952, the company was placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Construction and, based on its operational structure, continued its activities under the name of the state-owned State Construction Company No. 21. In the next four decades, the company operated primarily in the Budapest area as one of the leading construction industry organizations. Its activities have always been characterized by high professional standards and the use of the most modern technologies.

At the end of the eighties, the company was one of the first to reform its activities: it responded to unfavorable changes in the economic environment and the narrowing of construction opportunities by expanding its profile and modernizing its internal structure. The company's well-educated management and qualified employees provided a good basis for the changes, as a result of which the company became a real general building builder: in addition to productive investments, the construction of public and private buildings, historical restoration of buildings and large reconstructions were also part of its scope of activities.

In 1992, it was transformed into a joint-stock company, so it continued to operate under the name Magyar Építő Rt. The state-owned company was soon privatized, and nearly 98% of the company's shares were owned by management and employees, and 2% by the Capital City Municipality. The managers and employees who became the owners of the company at that time reorganized their company and turned it into a flexible and market-sensitive organization in line with the changed business and economic environment.

Thanks to its balanced economic activity, Magyar Építő Zrt. was able to maintain its stability during the recent recession and remained a reliable partner to its customers and subcontractors.

The latest phase of the company's history began with another significant change in 2015, when approximately 79% of the company's shares became the property of Körösaszfalt Mélypító Zrt. The approximately two decades that have passed since the privatization in 1994 made it timely for the new, complete restructuring of the company, in order to adapt to the requirements of the new ownership structure and the changed, reviving market environment. As part of this process, West Hungaria Bau Kft. and Építő es Épületkarbantártó Zrt. acquired joint control over Magyar Építő Zrt. at the beginning of 2016 through a management agreement with Körösaszfalt Mélyépítő Zrt. as the dominant owner. All the professional qualities of the company group created

This provides a suitable framework for Magyar Építő Zrt.'s unwavering high standards spanning historical eras to continue to play a significant role in the development of the domestic construction industry and in raising its professional standards.

Magyar Építő Zrt.'s work is well-known, characterized by buildings that define the Budapest cityscape and large-scale rural developments, as evidenced by numerous prestigious awards.

In addition to industrial buildings, health and educational institutions, office buildings, luxury hotels, spas and sports facilities, he also has extensive experience in the field of green field investments and the reconstruction of iconic heritage buildings. No less references enhance your reputation, such as:

  • the Eötvös Loránd University,
  • the Corinthia Hotel Budapest***** (Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal),
  • the Hungarian Armed Forces Health Center (ÁEK-Honvéd Hospital),
  • the Temple of Our Lady of Budavári (Mátyás Church),
  • National University of Public Service Faculty of Law
  • the Romanian Hall of the Museum of Fine Arts,
  • the Wise Castle,
  • the Buda Palace,
  • the Puskás Aréna - Hungary's newest and most modern stadium,
  • the House of Hungarian Music,
  • the Ethnographic Museum and Visitor Center,
  • reconstruction of the Nyugati railway station building,
  • the National Athletic Center was handed over in 2023
  • the Grand Duke József Palace and Castle Garage III, under construction in 2024.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility shows the general responsibility of the company in terms of economic, ecological and social aspects related to sustainable management. Our company is committed to carrying out its activities not only taking economic aspects into account, but also doing it all in a sustainable way, taking into account its employees, the environment and society.

In previous years, the Ecumenical Relief Organization received our support, and our company also participated in the restoration of flood-damaged areas.

In 2019, we supported the medical care of the future generation and the preservation of their health with a material donation worth 3.5 million to the Heim Pál Children's Hospital.

In 2019, we also helped the work of the Maltese Charity Service. The consortium building the Puskás Arena donated the wood material released during the construction to the organization, who delivered the 500 m3 pallets that can be used as heating material to disadvantaged settlements.

Magyar Építő regularly supports the Semmelweis University I. Sz. Bókay Children's Clinic and Heim Pál Children's Hospital with medical equipment.

The Ecumenical Aid Organization "Starting school together!" within the framework of its aid campaign, the company also contributed to the access to the tools necessary for disadvantaged children to start school.

The SOS children's village in Kecskemét also supported the renovation of the Kuckó Children's Transitional Home together with the partners of Magyar Építő Zrt.

We have reduced our use of office paper to a minimum and we encourage our partners to do the same in our electronically sent letters.


Sales Revenue

39 055 937 000 HUF

Organizational structure

List of our references

Healthcare institutions

  • Hungarian Army Medical Center (ÁEK – Army Hospital),
  • BudapestCsillagpont Hospital Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Central Hospital and University
  • Teaching Hospital, Miskolc
  • University of Debrecen Medical and Health Sciences Center Cardiovascular and Oncology Complex Regional Health Center Model, Debrecen
  • Jávorszky Ödön City Hospital, Vác
  • Jósa András Teaching Hospital, Nyíregyháza
  • Kalocsa City Hospital, Kalocsa
  • Kalocsa City Hospital, Clinic, Kalocsa
  • Kecskemét Medical Center, Kecskemét
  • Nagykőrös City Hospital, Nagykőrös
  • National Neurosurgery Scientific Institute, new Diagnostic Block, Budapest
  • National Medical Rehabilitation Institute, A, B, D, E, F buildings, Budapest
  • National Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, 3000-serving kitchen, Budapest
  • Medical Clinics, Budapest
  • University of Medical Education, Operating Room, Women's Clinic, Educational Building, Budapest
  • PTE, Cardiology Clinic (Cardiac Surgery Center), Pécs
  • PTE, Traumatology, Pécs
  • SOTE, Theory Block, Clinics, Manager headquarters, Budapest
  • Szent Imre University Teaching Hospital, Budapest
  • Uzsoki Street Hospital, Budapest

Monument buildings 

  • Our Lady of Budavári - church (Mátyás - church), Budapest
  • Grassalkovich Castle, Gödöllő
  • Metropolitan Zoo and Botanical Garden, Elephant House, Budapest
  • Metropolitan Zoo and Botanical Garden, Nagyskilá, Camel House, new Savanna Runway, Budapest
  • Hungarian Museum of Natural Sciences, Budapest
  • Museum of Fine Arts - Romanian Hall and reconstruction of its related spaces, Budapest
  • Zsolnay Cultural District, Pécs

Banks, Office buildings

  • General Exchange Bank Rt., Headquarters, Budapest
  • National Tax and Customs Office East Budapest Tax Directorate, Budapest
  • National Tax and Customs Office North Budapest Tax and Customs Directorate, Budapest
  • BAROSS Office House, Budapest
  • Budapest Bank Zrt., Central Office House, Budapest
  • Budapest Bank Service Egyesülés, Office Building, Budapest
  • Buda Palace, Budapest
  • Business Center 99 Office Building, Budapest
  • Commerzbank Zrt., Headquarters, Budapest
  • Deák Palace, Budapest
  • Dunaholding Zrt., Office Building, Budapest
  • Health Insurance Municipality, Office Building, Budapest
  • GLOBE 13 Office Building, Budapest
  • Allianz Hungária Biztosító Zrt., Office building, Budapest
  • INFOPARK "B" building, Budapest
  • ING Bank, Office Building, Budapest
  • K&H Bank, branch, Budapest
  • Hungarian State Treasury, Budapest
  • Hungarian Development Bank, Office Building, Budapest
  • Magyar Építő Zrt. Office Building, Budapest
  • Magyar Hitelbank, branch, Budapest
  • Hungarian National Bank, Computing and Issuance Center, Budapest
  • Hungarian Telegraph Office – communications and news service office building, Budapest
  • Magyar Telekom, Office building, Budapest
  • Magyar Telekom, Computer center, Budapest
  • MKB Bank bank branches:
  • MKB Bank Irodaháza, Budapest V., Sas utca
  • MKB Bank Office building, Budapest XIII., Kassák Lajos utca
  • MKB Bank central Office building, Budapest V., Szent István tér
  • MKB Bank central headquarters, Budapest V., Váci utca
  • MKB Bank, Education and leisure center, Balatonfüred
  • National Pension Insurance Directorate General, Office building, Budapest
  • OTP Bank network:OTP Bank Headquarters, Budapest XIII., Babér utca
  • Postabank, Office building, Budapest XIV., Egressy út
  • Shell Interag, Office building, Budapest III., Csillaghegyi út
  • Siemens Office Building, Budapest XIV., Hungária körút
  • Süba II., Office Building, Budapest VI., Nagymező Street
  • Volksbank bank branches
  • Vörösmarty No1-Office Building, Budapest
  • Wesselényi Street Office Building, Budapest
  • Ybl Bank, Székház, Budapest


  • Art'otel****, Budapest
  • Corinthia Hotel Budapest***** (Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal)
  • Danubius Grand Hotel Margitsziget****, Budapest
  • Hunguest Hotel Répce Gold ****, BükfürdőIBIS Hotel***, Budapest
  • The Ritz-Carlton***** (Hotel Le Meridien *****), Budapest

Cultural facilities

  • Duna Palace, theater hall, Budapest
  • Jászai Mari Theater, Folk House, City Library, Tatabánya
  • Cultural Center and Library
  • Csiky Gergely Theater, Kaposvár
  • Klauzál Gábor Budafok - Tétényi Cultural Center, Budapest
  • Pécs Conference and Concert Center - "Kodály Center", Pécs
  • Radnóti Miklós Cultural Center - RaM Colosseum, Budapest

Educational institutions

Alternative High School of Economics, BudapestBKV, Social and Education Center, BudapestCollegium Hungaricum, ViennaELTE South Block, BudapestELTE North Block,Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts College, BudapestKossuth Zsuzsa Health Vocational High School and High School, BudapestBudapest University of Economics, BudapestFerenc Liszt Academy of Music Reconstruction of the György Ligeti building, BudapestMiskolc University UNI – HOTEL Student Dormitory, MiskolcGerman National High School and Foreign Trade Vocational School, PilisvörösvárNational University of Public Service Faculty of Law, BudapestNyíregyháza University Student Service Center, NyíregyházaNyíregyháza University, Institute of Technical and Agricultural Sciences, NyíregyházaGerman Bilingual and English Language Elementary School, BudapestUniversity of Szeged, Study and Information Center, SzegedSzent-László High School, BudapestPannon University-Hotel Magiszter, Veszprém

Industrial, Logistics institutions

General Directorate of Public Procurement and Supply (KEF) Logistics and Management Center, BudapestBKV Zrt. Árpád Bridge Current Transformer, BudapestMetropolitan Disaster Management Directorate Repair Base, BudapestEGIS Gyógyszergyár Zrt., injection plant, Budapest

EGIS Gyógyszergyár Zrt., new packaging material and export finished goods warehouse, BudapestEGIS Gyógyszergyár Zrt., tableting factory building, BudapestGÖTZ – Baby Factory, BudapestHILTI Hungária Kft., Service House, BudapestHÍRKER, site, BudapestIKARUS Egyedi Autóbuszgyár Kft., plant buildings, BudapestKeskeny Nyomda, BudapestPrysmian Mkm (Hungarian Cable Works), plant hall, BudapestMagyar Nemzeti Bank, Logistics Center, BudapestMOL Compressor Station, MosonmagyaróvárRichter Gedeon Pharmaceuticals, injection plant, BudapestRichter Gedeon Pharmaceuticals, high-rise warehouse, BudapestTAURUS Techno Kft., factory buildings, BudapestUnited Technologies Automotive Hungary, Automotive electrical assembly plant, Gödöllő

Commercial facilities

  • Alba Plaza, shopping center, Székesfehérvár
  • AUCHAN, shopping center, Székesfehérvár
  • METRO Store, Budaörs
  • Csepel Plaza, shopping center, Budapest
  • Debrecen Plaza, shopping center, Debrecen
  • Duna Plaza, expansion of shopping and entertainment center, Budapest
  • Fehérvári út Vásárcsarnok, BudapestFény Utcai Market, Budapest
  • Flórián Business Center , Budapest
  • Henry J. Bean's restaurant, Budapest
  • IKEA Store, Budapest
  • Kórház Street Market and Market Hall, Budapest
  • Mammut I., II. Shopping Center, Budapest
  • MOM Park Shopping Center, Budapest
  • Central Market Hall (Great Market Hall), Budapest
  • PÓLUS Center, Budapest
  • Skála-Metro, conversion, Budapest

Brewery, Budapest, XII. district

Sugár Business Center, Budapest

Új Buda Center Shopping Center, Budapest

Buildings with a special function

  • Passive house with 100 apartments - Budapest, XIII. district
  • 41-apartment apartment building, Budapest, II. Petrezselyem street
  • Flood restoration, Csaroda, Hetefejércse, Gelénes, Márokpapi, Vámosatya
  • BKV Metro Directorate, vehicle site, Budapest
  • BKV Metro Directorate, Kőbánya-Kispest terminus, Budapest
  • Budavári Csikós-udvar - completion of underground parking, Budapest
  • Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport, expansion with new buildings , Budapest
  • Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport, traffic building conversion, reconstruction, Budapest
  • Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport, reconstruction and expansion of Terminal I monument building, Budapest
  • Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport, fire and rescue base, Budapest
  • Budapest Capital City I. District Local Government Office of the Mayor, Budapest
  • Budapest Capital City XIII. District Municipality Office of the Mayor, Budapest Central Transdanubia National Penitentiary Institute, Baracska
  • Duna House, apartments, offices, shops, Budapest
  • Eurodomb Residential Park, Budapest
  • Finnish Embassy, ​​Budapest
  • Hajdúnánás city center rehabilitation, Hajdúnánás
  • HUNGEXPO Budapest Trade Center, Pavilion G, Budapest
  • 100-apartment residential building , Budapest 10th District
  • MTA Technical Service, Budapest
  • Balassi Institute, Paris Hungarian Institute, Paris
  • Pushkin Cinema, Budapest
  • Róna street apartments, Budapest
  • Social Employment, Budapest, VII. Dózsa György út
  • Vasarely Museum, Budapest
  • Villányi Borászat winery, Villány
  • MÁV passenger hall (Westend City Center), Budapest

Police institutions

  • Dunakeszi Police Department, energy renovation, Dunakeszi
  • Gödöllő Police Department, energy renovation, Gödöllő
  • Hajdúnánás Police Department, general construction of a new building, Hajdúnánás
  • Traffic Safety Automated Processing Information System (KAFIR) Center, Vásárosnamény
  • ORFK-BRFK Székház, Budapest

Baths / Sports facilities

  • BME Sports Center, Budapest
  • Rác Spa, Budapest
  • Tatabánya Diamond Spa (Tatabánya Experience Bath and Beach), Tatabánya
  • Soroksári Sports Hall, BudapestGymnasium, Budapest VII., Jobbágy Street 

WHB GROUP member

West Hungária Bau Kft. is currently one of Hungary's most dynamically developing, 100% Hungarian-owned, market-leading construction companies. Our headquarters are located in Biatorbágy, and we also have branches in Győr and Budapest, as well as a site in Paks.

Thanks to our continuous developments, we carry out professional constructions throughout the country in all segments of the construction industry, from the renovation of monuments, through industrial, commercial and logistics facilities to sports, education and health facilities.

In order to increase our efficiency, we expanded into a group of companies under the name WHB Group.

The standard of our work is the satisfaction of our customers, and our primary concern during construction is to meet our customers' expectations to the maximum in all cases.

Our qualifications and merits

In accordance with today's requirements, the company fulfills all customer requests with high reliability in its work, using modern technologies, at a high professional level, and adhering to sustainability goals. To this end, it operates an integrated i system operating and certified according to MSZ EN ISO 9001, MSZ EN ISO 14001 quality and environmental management, MSZ ISO 45001 workplace health protection and safety management, MSZ EN ISO 50001 energy management, MSZ ISO/IEC 27001 information security standards . The safety management system of ISO 28001 supply chains was introduced, with the help of which we further increase the company's state of reliability.

The Company also meets the requirements of a qualified NATO supplier, and also has a supplier qualification issued by MVM Paksi Atomerömű Zrt.

The task of all employees of our company is to develop all elements of the integrated corporate management system.

Several professional recognitions prove our merits:


            2023. the Ethnographic Museum and Visitor Center

            2023. „Robinson“ pedestrian bridge (the National Athletic Center)

            2022. House of Hungarian Music

            2022. Buda Palace

            2021. Gergely Csiky Theater (Kaposvár Theater)

            2020.  Puskas Arena

            2019.  Wise Castle (Old Town Hall)

            2019.  Museum of Fine Arts (Romanian Hall and related spaces)

            2016.  Passive House with 100 apartments

            2015. Csillagpont Hospital

            2014. The Church of Our Lady of Buda Castle (Mathias Church) (with Reneszánsz Zrt.)

            2013.  Community House in Újlipótváros - RAM COLOSSEUM

            2012. Kodály Center (Conference Center in Pécs) 

            2009. Cardio-vascular Oncological Complex Regional Medical Model

            2006. Terminal I of Ferihegyi International 

            2004. VILLÁNYI Borászat Rt.

            2001.  ART' OTEL


            2016. Passive House with 100 apartments


            2005. Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal

            2002. Uzsoki Street Hospital

            1998. SPECIAL PRIZE of Townhall of Local Government of Buda Castle


            2005. PARK ÁTRIUM Office building             
            2000. SIEMENS Office Building

            2000. Local Government of Buda Castle

            1998. Police Management Center (ORFK-BRFK)  - 1st Prize


            2023. Nyugati railway station - roof structure renovation



            1997. Head Office of the HUNGARIAN FOREIGN TRADE BANK 

Annual energy reports

Certificates, Our Results

Our results are proven by more professional recognition: