Magyar Építő Zrt. is one of the oldest and most significant actor of the Hungarian building industrial sector.

The Company was founded in 1889 during the industrial development boom at the end of the 19th century. The Company was established as a subsidiary of Ganz Group and had gained professional reputation in the field of plant construction during a relatively short period. With this profile the company played a dominant role in the reconstruction of Hungary after the Second World War. As a branch of Ganz Group it became a state-owned company in 1946. After the nationalization of the building industry in 1948 it was renamed to Hungarian National Plant Construction Company and merged with a number of smaller companies. In 1952 the Company was put under the supervision of the Ministry of Building and Construction and based on its operational structure it continued its activities on the name State-owned Construction Company No. 21. In the following nearly four decades the company operated mainly on the territory of Budapest as one of the leading building industrial organization. Its activity has always been characterized by high professional quality and by the application of state-of-the-art technologies; a number of significant award proves that the company was a remarkable heritor of the former famous factory building company.

At the end of the 1980s the company was among the first ones to reform its activities: it gave an answer to the unfavourable changes of the economic environment and to the narrowing building opportunities by widening its profile and by modernizing its internal structure. The well qualified management and skilled worker staff of the company provided good basis for the changes as a result of which the company has turned into a real general building construction company: in addition to productive investments the construction of public and private buildings, restoration of historical buildings and big reconstructions also belonged to its scope of activities.

On this professional basis the company could enter into a new period lasting till today when using the opportunities at the time of the change of the political and economic system it was transformed into a joint stock company in 1992 and returned to its original name, Hungarian Constructing Co. Ltd. (Magyar Építő Részvénytársaság). The state-owned company was soon privatized and nearly 98% of the company’s shares went to the ownership of the management and the employees and 2% to the Metropolitan Local Government of Budapest. The managers and employees who became owners of the company at that time reorganized their company and in line with the changed business and economic environment they turned it into a flexible and market-sensitive organization. The company could cope with the new challenges and has held its position among the leading stakeholders of the sector.  The work of Magyar Építő Zrt. is hallmarked by famous buildings determining the cityscape of Budapest and by large-scale countryside projects, like e.g. 

  • the buildings of the National Police Headquarters and of the Budapest Police Headquarters,
  • reconstruction of Terminal I of Liszt Ferenc International Airport being under historical protection, 
  • development of the Health Center of the Hungarian Armed Forces – former Military Hospital,
  • office building of ING Bank in Dózsa György street and its multifunctional building on Vörösmarty square,
  • historical reconstruction and extension of Matthias Church,
  • new building of „Csillagpont” hospital in Miskolc and of Jósa András hospital complex in Nyíregyháza 
  • and many more could be mentioned.

Owing to its balanced economic activity Magyar Építő Zrt. was able to maintain its stability during the recent recession and it could remain reliable partner of its customers and subcontractors.

The new historical phase of the Company began with a significant change in 2015 when about 79 % of the Company’s shares went into the ownership of Körösaszfalt Mélyépítő Zrt. The nearly two decades past since the privatization in 1994 made necessary and timely the complete reconstruction of the company in order to accommodate to the requirements of the new ownership structure and to the changed market environment which again showed the signs of boom. In the framework of this process West Hungária Bau Kft. and Építő és Épületkarbantartó Zrt. acquired joint control over Magyar Építő Zrt. at the beginning of 2016 as a result of the management agreement signed with Körösaszfalt Mélyépítő Zrt. as dominant owner. The thus established company group became one of the biggest building industrial organization of Hungary both regarding its professional qualities and its capacities. This provides a good basis for Magyar Építő Zrt. to maintain its significant role in the development and improvement of the professional level of the Hungarian building industry as a result of its uniformly high quality activities bridging historical ages.


Social Responsibility

Social responsibility demonstrates the general economic, ecological and social responsibility of the company regarding sustainable management. CSR is a device for connecting the different stakeholders of the society. Our Company is committed to pursue its activities not only in view of the economic factors, but also taking into account all of its employees, the environment and the whole society in a sustainable manner.

We are granting support to the Hungarian Interchurch Aid and our company is taking part in the restoration of areas damaged by flood. 



Organization chart


Magyar Építő Zrt. is satisfying its customers according to the requirements of our age on high quality level and complying with the sustainability targets with great safety.

For this purpose, the Company is operating an integrated quality management system which is certified and is working based on MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009, MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005 quality and environment management, MSZ 28001:2008 (OHSAS 18001:2007) Occupational Health and Safety Management standards and AQAP 2110 NATO unified administrative documents. Our Company also meets the requirements of certified NATO suppliers.

All employees of the Company are responsible for the development of the quality and environment friendly company management system and for the enlargement of their own skills.

In order to achieve the quality objectives Magyar Építő Zrt:

  • strengthens and develops the quality culture,
  • systematically trains its employees,
  • develops professional skills,
  • improves quality and protects the environment through attaining the continuously renewing company development targets                    based on self-assessment and objective measurements.

With these abilities the company guarantees continuous supervision and control, the safe ensuring of the required quality of the undertakings which is proved by international certification.



Our achievements are recognized by a number of professional awards:



2001. ART' OTEL

2004. VILLÁNYI Borászat Rt.

2005. Általános Értékforgalmi Bank Rt. Bank and Office Building

2006. Terminal I of Ferihegyi International 

2009. Cardio-vascular Oncological Complex Regional Medical Model

2012. Kodály Center (Conference Center in Pécs)

2013. Community House in Újlipótváros - RAM COLOSSEUM

2014. The Church of Our Lady of Buda Castle (Mathias Church) (with Reneszánsz Zrt.)

2015. Csillagpont Hospital

2016. Passive House with 100 apartments



2016. Passive House with 100 apartments



1998. SPECIAL PRIZE of Townhall of Local Government of Buda Castle

2002. Uzsoki Street Hospital

2005. Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal



1998. Police Management Center (ORFK-BRFK)  - 1st Prize

2000. Local Government of Buda Castle

2000. SIEMENS Office Building

2005. PARK ÁTRIUM Office Building






1997. Head Office of the HUNGARIAN FOREIGN TRADE BANK 


Certificates, Our Results

Our results are proven by more professional recognition: